Simulation of detector response due to gammas


This module implements simulation of interactions of gamma photons with a scintillator. Used in groundparticle simulations.


Calculate Compton edge for a given photon energy

W.R. Leo (1987) p.54

Parameters:gamma_energy – photon energy [MeV].
Returns:compton edge [MeV].

Calculate the energy transfer from photon to electron

From the differential cross section the cumulative distribution is calculated. From this distribution a random energy transfer (within kinematic bounds) is returned.

Parameters:gamma_energy – photon energy [MeV].
Returns:transfered energy [MeV].
sapphire.simulations.gammas.energy_transfer_cross_section(gamma_energy, recoil_energy)

Differential cross section dsigma/dT

Differential cross section for energy transfer from gamma to scattered electron in compton scattering.

W.R. Leo (1987) p 54

  • gamma_energy – photon energy [MeV].
  • recoil_energy – electron recoil energy [MeV].
sapphire.simulations.gammas.max_energy_deposit_in_mips(depth, scintillator_depth)

Maximum energy transfer from electron to scintillator

Determine maximum energy transfer based on remaining scinitillator depth.

Assumes scintillator depth is projected onto the direction of the incident particle (divided by cos(theta)).

  • depth – depth at which the electron is produced [cm].
  • scintillator_depth – total depth of the scintillator [cm].
sapphire.simulations.gammas.simulate_detector_mips_gammas(p, theta)

Simulate detection of gammas

  • p – the momenta of the gammas as array, in eV.
  • theta – angles of incidence of the gammas as array, in radians.

the simulated detector signal (in mips).


Mean free path pair production

NIST XCOM database: compound: C9H10 pair production (total attenuation)

table generated by @tomkooij/lio-project/photons/

Parameters:gamma_energy – photon energy [MeV].
Returns:mean free path [cm].

Mean free path compton scattering

NIST XCOM database: compound: C9H10 compton scattering (incoherent scattering)

table generated by @tomkooij/lio-project/photons/

Parameters:gamma_energy – photon energy [MeV].
Returns:mean free path [cm].