2. OverviewΒΆ

From version 2 onwards, full software control is provided for setting weather station parameters, sensor calibration and data taking conditions. Depending on the hardware configuration various sensors are read at a regular time intervals; every 5 seconds, the data acquisition software asks the weather station console to transfer its latest measurements. These values are presented on the first tab page. The second tab page displays data collected over past hour at the basis of 1 minute averages. Tab page 3 displays data collected over past 48 hours (based on 10 minute averages). Status and error messages are presented on tab page 4.

Before submitting data to the central HiSPARC database, tab page 5 requires careful examination. It is here that the running conditions are defined which may depend on weather station model type (only a limited number of Davis weather stations are supported, please contact the HiSPARC team for further information), hardware configuration and/or console firmware version.

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